We are excited about the upcoming 2014 Foothills Salkehatchie Camp.  This page will contain important information, updates and forms as it relates to this years camp.

Registration for Camp:

All registrations are done online this year.  The online registration form can be accessed here:  REGISTER

Home Application (to be considered as a site):

Download and Print for mailing:  Printable Home Application
Complete and Submit Online:  Online Home Application

Leadership & Points of Contact:

  • Camp Director: Shawn Crews
  • Assistant Director:
  • Breakfast:
  • Lunch & Dinner: Dianne Guffee
  • Snacks:
  • Housing Applications: Lynn Greene


Words from current and former Foothills Salkehatchie Campers & Supervisors:

“Salkehatchie is more than just working to help someone for a week. It is about creating bonds that will last a lifetime.” – Kathryn Howe

“I LOVE everything about Salkehatchie! I LOVE helping and getting to know all the families and creating friendships that will last FOREVER! I LOVE that if you ever need a shoulder to lean on your SALK family will always be there!” – Nicole Smith

“I love the great connections made with the campers and the families. Salkehatchie is a great opportunity to serve the Lord and grow in your faith. All it takes is one year and you’re hooked for life!” – Katelyn McIntyre

“I love going to Salkehatchie because I love helping other people who can’t get around anymore. And I love being with the Salkehatchie family”- Crystal Altman

“Salkehatchie is not a place where GOD joins YOU…… It’s a place where YOU join GOD. He’s already hard at work and that’s where things get done!” – Clint McKellar

“The Salkehatchie camp in Pendleton has an awesome and unique sense of family. Despite differences it’s truly where the church becomes one body with one mission. Jesus is the chord that pulls us all back year end year out and the relationships formed become the strongest.” – Shawn Crews

“Salkehatchie is more than just a mission for the people in our community. Salkehatchie is a mission on ourselves personally. God does plenty of work for the people we are helping, but often times He does even more work on the campers. Not only do we become a family, but we become a family bonded by faith and God. That is the strongest bond a family could have. Being a part of Salkehatchie is what brought me to God. I have been a believer my entire life, but through Salkehatchie I gained a personal relationship with Him.” – Mackenzie Mullikin

“The first summer I signed up for Salkehatchie I thought, well we will go and work on a home, improve someone’s living space and get to know some new people. Mike and I are pretty handy with home improvement projects, this will be fun. Well…… little did I know what an experience it would be. The work on the homes can be exhausting but the feeling of revival experienced at the evening worship service powers you to the next day of serving with the most amazing people to do this wonderful work. After the first Salkehatchie experience, I guarantee you will be hooked. What I thought of as a little home improvement project profoundly affected my life. Thank you Jesus for Salkehatchie!” – Karen Link