Who We Are
Pendleton UMC is a Christian community that believes we are called to share our faith by the way we live and care for those around us. At Pendleton UMC you will be cared for, and called upon to care for others.

Our Beliefs
We are a United Methodist Congregation. We believe that our faith is lived out in our relationships. We believe that celebration is more important than condemnation. In fact, we believe that God is more concerned with what you can be that what you were.  God cares about you, and expects us to as well. So we do, no judgement or questions asked.

United Methodist Information
The People of The United Methodist Church: Help people in their community, Accept you for who you are, Offer a place to belong, Care for and support each other, Show respect for other religions, Support people facing difficulty, Welcome diverse opinions and beliefs, and Guide others to find deeper meaning. We believe in God and each other.

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